Healing benefits of Kirtan

The healing effects of kirtan benefit the individual and society….especially as our changing lifestyles come to depend more on electronics and less on personal interactions.

A growing body of medical research suggests that kirtan positively influences the mind-body relationship. It’s been shown to be effective in helping some combat veterans with re-entry into civilian life. In prison, as in the military, trauma and stress are a part of everyday life, often compounding already existing problems. Kirtan music reduces anxiety and depression and helps to counteract the effects of trauma. It heals wounds and re-awakens lost hope, reminding everyone of what is true and whole in them.

Kirtan also brings people together in a space to participate in a group activity. Everyone has their own unique experience but it is also shared with others. Research is clearly indicating that social contact is important for overall brain and body health. Not to mention increased breathing and sound stimulation…it is nutrition for our bodies, brains and spirits.

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