Thank You – Bhakti in Action

Thanks to all who have attended our first three Friday night kirtans at Unity of Sarasota.  So far we have raised almost $200 for the All Faiths Food Bank, which provides much needed food to the economically challenged people of Sarasota and Desoto counties.

Our kirtan practice is grounded in Bhakti Yoga, frequently defined as the yoga of devotion.  More importantly, perhaps, is the Seva (aka “service”) aspect of Bhakti, where we offer our efforts to help others as a prayer to our chosen Divinity.  Ultimately, that’s what these weekly kirtans are about, an opportunity to express gratitude in song and to share our blessings with those in need.

See you on the Path!  Ram Ram.  jb


One thought on “Thank You – Bhakti in Action

  1. It has been a blessing for Chuck and I to participate in the weekly kirtan at Unity Church. Kirtan with Joe is like rocket fuel for my soul. We have left Sarasota for our extended travels. We will miss this community Kirtan and will attend whenever we are in town. Keep chanting.


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